Tamil Nadu’s Step for betterment of LGBTQIA+

23 FEBRUARY, 2023

Coming Out

The government of Tamil Nadu wants to integrate LGBTQIA+ issues into school curricula and work towards inclusiveness. They also become sensitive to communities and the many challenges they face in society. Like EORTV MEDIA even government started to think for the betterment of LGTQIA+ Community.

In an important step to strengthen the LGBTQIA+ community, the Government of Tamil Nadu informs the Madras High Court that a law to protect the rights of these community members has been announced and will come into force by the end of the month Did. Additionally, governments are working at the grassroots level to educate society about the queer community. The challenges facing the LGBTQIA+ community will soon be incorporated into school curricula. Educating Teachers and Children In addition to introducing this topic into the educational curriculum, the state government has announced that teachers will also be trained to deal with this topic. They also become sensitive to communities and the many challenges they face in society. “More than 100,000 teachers have benefited from virtual training, and such trainings are held from time to time. Trained teachers are informed of the details of individuals belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community and are informed about the impact they have on the community. We will only be recipients of the correspondence of the students who received them,” said Attorney General J Ravindran, in The Times of India.

The government believes that raising students' awareness of community will help make society an inclusive place in the long term. Gender-neutral bathrooms. In addition to including issues related to the LGBTQIA+ community, the government will also change school infrastructure so that all students feel included. The school has gender-neutral restrooms for students who do not match any gender according to societal norms. Additionally, the school will add a separate column for transgender applicants next to the “male” and “female” columns on the application.