Leave No One Behind, Making Mental Health Care Accessible To LGBTQIA+

10 MARCH, 2023

Leave No One Behind, Making Mental Health Care Accessible To LGBTQIA+

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): How to make mental health care accessible for marginalised communities like transgender persons, persons with disabilities and people from LGBTQIA+ community was discussed at a consultation ‘Leave No One Behind’ in the city on Friday. Among others, experts from the National Health Mission and state departments of social justice and woman and child development, besides AIDS Control Society, MP, State Planning Commission and AIGGPA joined the brainstorming session. The consultation was co-hosted by UNDP and Sangath. Sharing her experience, Sanjana Singh, a transgender said that in her growing years, she faced a lot of mental stress as her parents, friends and society was not ready to accept her as she was. “I thought of ending my life. But counselling saved me as I was able to talk to someone and share my thoughts. We need to create more spaces for people to share their traumatic experiences,” she said.

Queer and disability activist, Garima, said that there are not many safe and inclusive places where people like her can share their experiences. In panel discussions, people from the tranegnder, DNT and queer communities shared their lived experiences and government officials and policy experts shared their thoughts on how the healthcare system can be made to accept such persons. National programme manager, UNDP, Dr Chiranjeev Bhattacharjya, stressed on the urgent need for government and civil society organisations to work together for the welfare of the marginalised communities.

“Citizen engagement is the way forward. We want more and more public to come forward and join government initiatives aimed at addressing the stigma associated with issues of mental health,” said CMHO, Bhopal ,Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari,.

Besides, a video campaign focusing on the experience of members of marginalised communities and a special booklet on reforming the medical education system, developed by Sangath with support from UNDP were released. The booklet lays down a set of recommendations to make medical education in the country more transgender affirmative and inclusive.

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