I Love Us 2 will feature the song Ishq Jo Tumse Hua by Samrat Sarkar.

22 AGUST, 2022

I Love Us 2 will feature the song Ishq Jo Tumse Hua by Samrat Sarkar

For EORTV's lesbian show I Love Us 2, Samrat Sarkar writes the lovely song Ishq Jo Tumse Hua. I Love Us 2 season 2, which was produced by Falguni Shah and directed by Deepak Pandey (Dreamzz Images Studio), stars Roaleey Ryan and Supyarde Singh. This lovely melody, which features Roaleey (Richa) and Supyarde (Neha), is also sung by Samrat Sarkar romantic excursion The song has now surpassed 50K views, and viewers are leaving tonnes of encouraging remarks. Samrat Sarkar is the song's composer, singer, and lyricist, however Meet Vyas produced the music, Girish Saikia mixed it, and Maqsood Aafaque contributed extra lyrics.

Director Deepak Pandey concurred with Samrat's remarks, stating that Samrat "is a very spontaneous person. He lives for music, and I witnessed him playing with Sur throughout our narration and music sitting session. His flawless singing and lyrics-writing abilities are what really enhance his musical sense. He is almost like a one-stop shop, making it simple for directors to comprehend the song because it includes lyrics in addition to the music. Ishq Jo Tumse Hua is currently the main emphasis, but we want to work together on many other projects in the future. I Love us 2 has lately made headlines since it is an OTT platform show that depicts the first lesbian wedding ever to take place in India. Following the success of the first season, which starred Ali Merchant, Ashmita Jaggi, and Harsha Chopda, the producers have increased the stakes in the second season, making it a more family-friendly viewing experience.

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