Given The Situation, How Should We Move Forward

04 MARCH, 2023

Given The Situation, How Should We Move Forward

CHANGING PUBLIC ATTITUDES TO LGBTQIA+ PEOPLE: TV AND FILM WILL BE THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOLS TO REDEFINE FAMILY ROLES AND ATTITUDES, BECAUSE THEY ARE ACCESSIBLE TO Rural PEOPLE WHERE SOCIAL MEDIA IS DENSIVE may prove to be This is because television and film tell stories and offer programs that teach, teach and share LGBTQIA+ experiences in authentic and diverse ways.

Series like I Love us Franchise, Pankhirya UDi Udi, Mombian and U Only Complete me have the potential to make a significant contribution to efforts to change society's hostile attitudes towards the LGBTQIA+ community. People are addicted to these series and they loved all of them so much that they are listed in Top web series in India.

If you haven’t watched any of these yet then I am sry bro you are missing a lot in this cinema world. The way of Story line and direction will impress you……

Moving away from preferential treatment to equal treatment: People who identify as LGBTQIA+ don't seem to be foreigners. They have no disease, their sexual orientation is genetic, and homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, not a disease. They should be treated equally rather than prioritized. If they are equally accepted into Indian society, they will be fully integrated into the collective growth process. Treating people of both sexes equally without favouring them is called gender neutrality.

It also means that laws, language, and related forms of social behaviour should avoid taking on roles traditionally associated with an individual's gender. Becoming: It is a basic duty of every parent to fully accept their child, including their own identity. We welcome children as members of society, cherish diversity, and transform the society into one that recognizes the individuality of each individual.