Introducing EORTV, a video on demand, Over The Top (OTT) media service platform

EORTV is a video streaming app that offers thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content from leading Producers and Publishers. Users can view some of the best movies, TV Shows, Web series, music videos, LGBTQ orginals and short videos. The app focuses on the original high quality Hindi programs. The app supports almost 150 - 200 TV channels and airs all the programs from which users can choose any to watch at their convenience.

EORTV is a video streaming app that offers thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content

• New and fresh content EORTV originals added on regular basis
• Timely notifications shows added so that the user never misses out on anything
• Watch them on Android, IOS, Android TV, Apple TV and also at &
• Affordable costs
• Unlimited shows streaming on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV

EORTV works on any device that offers the EORTV app and which is enabled with iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV

EORTV supports streaming fresh content, music and more, on regular basis. Here are some of the sorted reasons making EORTV a total game changer:
• Originals that will be regularly and they will be streamed via a simple internet-connected device
• Applications like the EOR-TOK would be providing the users with the provision of recording their talents online and gratifications
• EOR-Care is another feature allowing the users to keep a careful check on the viewing time

• As a subscriber, you won’t tire of watching cliché shows again and again
• The right to choose what to watch is bestowed upon the user of EORTV. It has a wide array of channels to select one’s favourites
• EORTV being a global platform doesn’t run short of user access in any part of the world. It can be used wherever you are located
• With EORTV, family members can access it on any screen from any place of your home giving each one the power of choice

EORTV Originals has different plans. You can select which were plan you comfortable watching. Other categories apart from originals are free of cost

EORTV is a flexible streaming service. The user can go online and cancel the subscription whenever he wants to. There are no cancellation fees. No tiresome forms to fill. You are no more a subscriber! If you wish to re-activate, even that is simple - Just two clicks

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• The services are operated and provided by EORTV. If you have any questions about the terms, please contact us (
• You can also write to us at - EORTV (
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To germinate an acceptance for all societal communities by eliminating any kinds of biases based on gender stereotypes and sexual orientation/s.


To see the change happening; the change of preventing discrimination and prejudice against the “hormonally-challenged societal communities” thereby promoting peace, fraternity, equality, and brotherhood.